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Restroom Descriptions


A top of the line four stall restroom trailer. Amenities include hard wood floors, marble counter tops, stainless steel sinks, heat and a/c along with a blue tooth stereo system. This unit has three unisex stalls as well as one mens only stall. ASAP Glenn Company will deliver/set up the unit as well as stock it with tissue paper, soap & paper towels for your event.

Luxury Lavatory Trailer

A Luxury Restroom on wheels with two full bathrooms including porcelain commodes, marble countertops and sinks, mirrors, soap, paper towels, and a window. The unit is lighted and air-conditioned with running water. Requires a 110 voltage outlet and access to a water supply.


An extra large (5'x5') luxury restroom with flushable toilet, a sink, soap, hand sanitizer, mirror, and trash can.

Flush & Wash

A unit that flushes and includes a hand washing sink inside. Also includes hand sanitizer, soap, water, paper towels.

Special Occasion

A standard sized restroom reserved for special occasion use. Hand sanitizer is available

Handicap Accessible

An extra large (5'x5') restroom that is wheelchair accessible. Hand sanitizer is available.

Handwash Station

Each hand wash unit includes 2 sinks, a dispenser of soap and paper towels.

Standard Commerical Unit

A standard sized portable restroom serviced weekly

Highrise & wheels

Accessories available to attach to a standard unit

Holding tanks

Waste water holding tanks used for traveling construction trailers


We also offer roll-off waste containers!  There is no longer any need to establish credit, fill out forms, or build a new relationship with multiple companies.  Let us be your complete solution!

There when you need us!

The Glenn Company has wonderful, friendly, and helpful customer service. They delivered and picked up their product on time. They even have pink porta potties! They took care of all our needs perfectly. I would definitely recommend this company for your next event. Phibian

-C. B. Statham