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Short Term Events

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Let us help make your next special occasion event a success!  Whether it is a concert for thousands or a tailgate for a few, ASAP Glenn Company can help make your guests comfortable, resulting in a fantastic experience for the attendees . . . and the coordinators!  By offering clean restrooms and sinks at your event, you will attract more guests and they will be encouraged to stay for the entire event.  

We offer a wide array of lavatories, toilets, and sinks that will enhance your event and meet the needs of your guests.  From luxury restroom trailers, to standard units reserved for special occasions and handicap units, we have just what you want and need.  We are happy to offer oversized units with various amenities including mirrors, hand sanitizer, sinks, and even units that flush.  See our descriptions page for more details.

Impress your guests with our luxury restroom trailer that has two indoor units with running water, heat and air, porcelain bowl, marble sink, and other amenities that will make your guests feel special.

During football season you can see our units placed all around campus.  Make your guests at your tailgate comfortable by providing a private unit.   As the portable restroom supplier of the University of Georgia football games since 1968, we are equipped to deliver and remove your unit seamlessly. 

Worry no more after the units have been ordered!  The correct units will be safely delivered on time as scheduled, and our staff will place them as directed or will help decide the best location to help maintain the flow of traffic at your event.  We take pride in the cleanliness of our units, the courtesy, skill, and service of our delivery staff, and the level of care from our office personnel.   We are dedicated to making your experience with us a pleasant one . . . even if it is a portable restroom! 

Short Term | Special Usage Chart

We will be happy to assist you in determining the appropriate number of lavatories, but you can use the following suggestions as a guideline.

Hours in event 2 5 8 10
Attendees 0-25 1 1 2 2
50 2 2 4 4
100 2 4 6 6
500 4 6 8 8
1000 6 6 8 12
5000 12 20 30 34
10000 16 40 60 72

Determine the number of hours per day the facilities will be used (if multiple days, use the maximum hours of the longest day).  Approximate the number of guests you will have.  Most people will use the facilities once every 4 hours, however if food, liquids, and alcohol are being served the rate of usage will be increased.  If space is limited, the number of units can be reduced by increasing the number of times our staff will return to the site to pump, clean, and restock the units.

We also offer roll-off waste containers!  There is no longer any need to establish credit, fill out forms, or build a new relationship with multiple companies.  Let us be your complete solution!


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There when you need us!

On behalf of the Rivers Alive Planning Committee, we are writing to express our sincere gratitude for your support of the 2011 Rivers Alive event. We greatly appreciate your commitment to the water quality and life of the watershed in Athens-Clarke County. Thank you for always delivering clean products . . . on time!

- Rivers Alive Steering Committee