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Portable Restrooms

Ordering a portable restroom is simple!  First and foremost make sure that the company chosen is reputable and DEPENDABLE because failure to deliver can create an unnecessary mess!  Our friendly staff will deliver and place freshly cleaned, fully stocked units at the specified location at the scheduled time.  Next consider length of time the unit needs to be on site, the features desired, and quantity needed.

Please call if you have any questions or concerns.  We will be happy to help you make an informed decision.

Short term | Long term: Short term units are placed for only a few days and will be serviced as scheduled if needed.  Long-term units are placed and will stay onsite for a few weeks or months, and will be routinely serviced and stocked on a weekly route.

Features: We offer restrooms that flush, ones that have mirrors, hand sanitizer, soap, seat covers, sinks, lights, etc.  We have a wide variety of colors so that you can order exactly what you need!  See our descriptions page for more information.

Quantity: Many variables must be factored in when deciding how many units to order, including the number of guests, whether food and drink is served, and the number of hours the event will last.  We have provided a suggested quantity chart, but we will also be happy to discuss this with you.

We also offer roll-off waste containers!  There is no longer any need to establish credit, fill out forms, or build a new relationship with multiple companies.  Let us be your complete solution!


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There when you need us!

“The Glenn Company has provided us tremendous support at our events and is very responsive to any last-minute requests.  Their professional staff is a pleasure to work with and always available to assist our operations.”

-University of Georgia Athletic Association